Gold For Sell gold powder
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Gold For Sell gold powder

Dear Sir & Madam,
I just want inform you that I am international consultant and I have
very good contact to sell Gold Dust or Bars if you have any good
buyers let me know and then we can discuss about the transaction.
We now have to export 80 kilograms of gold (AU)
Brut whose characteristics are:
Nature: Powder OR.
Quantity: 80 kgs
purity rate: 97-98%,
Quality: 22, 77 carats more.
Origin: Republic of Ghana
Price: € 39,500 / kg
Composition Impurity: 3% (mainly iron oxide)
Waiting for your reply,
Best regard
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Огласувач: metalor94
Град: Неготино
Телефон: 0622556333
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